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    • LolloViola

      Nuovo utente? Leggi qui!   11/13/2016

      Per tutti coloro alle prime armi ed appena registrati, ecco una breve lista di linee guida che vi permetteranno un rapido ambientamento.
    • Andrew1684

      Esalogos'17   02/11/2017

      Ti piacciono gli Esalogos'17 ma non hai ancora il logo della tua squadra? Questo è il posto giusto per farlo, vieni qui ed esprimi la tua richiesta
    • tia204

      Fmstories Magazine Marzo 2017   04/17/2017

      Con colpevole ritardo, ecco l'uscita del Magazine di Marzo, dedicato alle nostre storie!!!!


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    If you have logos to make, two possibilities: – If there are only a few logos, go to page requests: https://www.tcmlogos.com/requetes-request/ – If there is a lot of logos, sort them into folders by country, rename logos (Club name – ID.png (or jpg, gif, etc)) and make a .rar file of the set, and send all by mail: contact@tcmlogos.com For all Request (update or add logo), go here : Request Page Screenshot TCM17 English in FM17 (click to enlarge) : Bonus : Adboards banners from our partners showing during games are included in this pack : Greetings : Developers : Thomasom : Creating the Template, Development (TCM14/15). Kinmar : Enhancing the Template, Development, Hosting (TCM14/15/16/17). Sualg-Bilbao : Development (TCM14/15/16). Zecha : Development (TCM16). Contributors : MatheusMux, Renato and Borell from FManager Brasil (South America). Frimimout from FM.net (Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Congo and Angola). ArturM (Poland). Paul_13 and Kostas_Panachaiki from FMGreece (Greece). Rein from FMScout (Netherlands). Sh@rk from FMEurope (England). Spartacus23 from Sortitoutsi (Peru). JesperBN from FMDanmark (Scotland). claytonpadula (Brasil) and AndreaLAZIOultras (Italy) from FM-View. Steinbolt from Managers United (Netherlands). Julian (Africa & others). Stathis (Greece). Partner Website : Passion4FM FMScout Sortitoutsi FootManager.net Manager-Online DazS8 Myfootballmanager FMTurkiye Warnings : This creation (TCM17) is a property of the site TCMLogos.com and is in free use for personal use only. The only authorized download links are the official links available on the site to monitor the downloads statistics. If you wish to integrate our creation into a presentation, your own graphics, for any public use, thanks for asking us the permission. TCMLogos.com is a non profit website and only wishes to help the Football Manager gamers community. However, some recognition isn’t much asking for a time wasting work. Therefore, thanks for respecting these few rules. Additional Information : https://www.tcmlogos.com/ (Website link) contact@tcmlogos.com (Website email) https:/www.facebook.com/tcmlogos (Facebook) https:/twitter.com/tcmlogos (Twitter) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tcm-fm (Steam)